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T+S – The seed experts.

T+S Crop Service provides growers with a variety of seed including corn, soybeans, alfalfa, and small grains such as wheat and oats. We also offer a variety of organic seed. Our seeds are hybrids especially suited to your growing conditions.

We’re proud to offer seeds from top-quality partners:

  • Brevant
  • Croplan by Winfield United
  • NK Seeds
  • Preferred Seed

Preferred seeds by T&S Crop Services

  • Brevant

    Brevant is a bold, high-performance corn and soybean brand that provides industry-leading seed and service. Brevant draws on the strength of Corteva Agriscience, built on a century of US agricultural excellence. Brevant also sets itself apart by providing a new, agile way of doing business driven by local retailers like T&S Crop Service.

    Brevant brand corn and soybeans have been vetted nearly 3 million times against the competition. With the depth of our product portfolios and offering of industry-leading traits, technologies and seed treatments, we have a solution for every field.

    When we say high-performance, we mean it.

  • Croplan by Winfield United

    A Seed For Every Acre

    Nationally tested, locally proven. Croplan seeds are backed by 6 million data points gathered from Answer Plot locations across the country. Few seed providers come close to that amount of data, which means they can’t uncover ROI opportunities in your operation like we can.

    Down to the acre, Croplan offers a broad selection of hybrids and varieties specially adapted to local conditions. This lets you meet the specific challenges in each area of your fields with high-performing seed that improves your ROI potential.

    You don’t have to go it alone. Farming can be tough. It’s why you want T&S in your corner willing to do the hard work. And to work smart. Croplan seed is here for you at T&S Crop Service. Our team brings you knowledge, grit and tools backed by an entire seed system. It’s our way to help you solve difficult problems and get the most out of every acre.

    Success doesn’t take luck, it takes technology. Technology like the field imagery feature in the R7 Tool and our CHT seed data sets you up for success right from the get-go. You can count on our set of tools giving you everything you need to make informed decisions and better adjust your management throughout the season. Profit grows from the ground up.

  • NK Seeds

    Fueled by Syngenta R&D and bred for the industry’s largest and most diverse germplasm pools, this lineup features high-performing hybrids equipped with industry-leading Agrisure traits to fit your unique challenges.

    Enogen Feed corn hybrids improve feed efficiency to help lower feed costs and improve profit potential for beef and dairy producers.

    NK soybeans offer a complete lineup of high-yielding varieties with today’s most in-demand herbicide choices, together maximizing whole-farm ROI potential.

    The Cropwise Seed Selector tool allows you and your T&S Crop Service representative to  seamlessly view which hybrids are the best fit for your field and, most importantly, where they should be placed to get more performance out of every seed.

  • Preferred Seed

    Preferred Seed, Preferred Results

    We offer you the best products available from Preferred Seed. We are constantly evaluating and updating new varieties. Our goal is providing you with top performing products to support your successful business.


Great family and employees that go above and beyond to meet customers’ needs and help farmers grow and tend to their crops. - James Barrett

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