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Helping your business grow.

From best-in-class software to drone technology to customized application solutions, our additional services will help you manage all aspects of the growing business.

  • SureFire Ag for fertilizer and application control systems.
  • Drone Imagery for crop scouting and real-time decision-making.
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) software to help increase production, reduce costs, and manage land more efficiently.


FAA 107 drone pilot
  • SureFire Ag

    SureFire Ag specializes in providing solutions for the control and application of liquid and dry fertilizer, seed, and chemical the SureFire way.

    We believe in looking beyond convention to be an innovating leader in a dynamic industry. Our team brings experience in equipment engineering, crop input application and customer service to your field. Our products and services have reached customers across the United States and internationally. 

    We believe in providing you not only solutions, but reliable communication and excellent service as well. We pride ourselves on developing relationships with our customers and strive to not only meet your expectations —but to exceed them.  We believe in farming smarter, not harder.

    From simple, standard single-product liquid fertilizer application systems, to complex, custom-designed systems, SureFire Ag is committed to helping you farm the way you want.


  • Drone Imagery

    With this technology we have enhanced capabilities for crop scouting and real-time decision-making. This offering will provide you with access to sensing and processing technologies that capture imagery and data simultaneously, producing highly accurate and actionable in-season crop insights in your field.  

  • Data Management

    We have GIS software to help you manage your farms, fields, and crops. We can also help manage planting, yield, application, and harvest data to assist in making management decisions to better your operation.


Great family and employees that go above and beyond to meet customers’ needs and help farmers grow and tend to their crops. - James Barrett

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