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T+S Crop Service stands for a family of farmers, agronomists, and crew members who all share an unwavering commitment to meet the needs of others. As we continue to advance our agronomy solutions and crop sciences for growers’ success, our service will always remain the same. Fast. Reliable. Exactly how you like it.

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New location + products in Middleport, NY.

Recently, we acquired an additional location in Middleport, NY, focusing on our customers who need animal feed, farm supplies, and crop protection services.

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Family owned + operated.

Tom Sheehan began his career in agriculture in 1970, working as a fertilizer salesman for Na-Churs Plant Food Company. He worked his way up the ranks to regional sales manager, setting up distributor shops in the Northeast from Pennsylvania to Maine into southern Canada.

In the late 1980s, while still with Na-Churs, Tom began a small spraying service. With the support of his wife, Kay, he operated out of his home and family farm. Using a single pickup truck equipped with a 300-gallon spray system, Tom launched T+S Crop Service Inc. in 1996.

Today, T+S Crop Service is operated by Tom’s son, Seth Sheehan, who has been with the company since 2000. T+S Crop Service has become a multifaceted company providing growers with custom applications, liquid fertilizer, crop protection chemicals, and seeds. We sell retail and wholesale products across the Northeast and offer custom applications across six counties using state-of-the-art equipment.


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Great family and employees that go above and beyond to meet customers’ needs and help farmers grow and tend to their crops. - James Barrett