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Crop seeds.

T&S Crop Service provides growers with a variety of seed including corn, soybeans, alfalfa, and small grains such as wheat and oats. We also offer a variety of organic seed.


  • Pop Up Fertilizers

    What are pop up fertilizers

    Pop up fertilizers are commonly used in some corn growing areas in the country. The practice consists of applying a few pounds of nutrients with the seed at planting. Planters are retrofitted with commercially available attachments that accurately deliver the desired volume of liquid fertilizer.

  • Starter Fertilizers

    What are starter fertilizers?

    Starters fertilizers are used in small grains to apply fertilizer. But its use is spreading to other crops, such as corn and soybeans, and to other types of inputs, such as fungicides and insecticides.

  • Custom Blends

    Rich crops cultivated just for you.

    Call T&S Crop Service to make the most of this season’s yield; your way.

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